The top 3 selling smartphones on OLX at the moment

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BLOGsize_450x450___04AugHere it is, the top 3 most popular smartphones on OLX at the moment, let’s take a step closer and review the pros of each phone.

1.Apple iPhone 5: 
On the day the iPhone 5 was released, the iPhone fans were already lining up hours before to make sure they got their hands on one. According to every iPhone user, they feel like they have the best phone. But let’s dig a bit deeper and find out what the pros are so we can make that judgement call?

The pros: Firstly the iPhone 5 is much thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4, making it easier to fit in your pocket, another pro would be that it has way more features than the iPhone 4. These include a 4-inch display, an 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 1.2-megapixel front shooter for those very important selfies.


How to keep warm and reduce your bills

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post18__blogWinter is officially here. For many this means adopting a number of new habits that run up electricity costs. There are alternative ways of staying toasty without having to break the bank, so we’ve decided to put together a few cost-effective suggestions that’ll help you keep warm this winter.

Adjust door thresholds or get a draft blocker
Door thresholds normally have four or five screws that you can adjust. If you turn these screws counterclockwise, the threshold should lift. You’ll want to raise the height of the threshold until the gap between the door and the threshold is minimal. This will ensure that the indoor air you’ve paid to heat, doesn’t get lost. Alternatively, you could opt for a simpler option and get yourself a draft stopper to block the gap under the door.    Click here to find draft blockers on OLX >>


Are you baby ready?

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post17_blogSo you’re an expecting parent…​
​Congratulations!​​ ​As you know there are many things to take care of before your gorgeous baby can make his/her way into this world. That’s why we’ve created a simple, yet efficient​ ​check list, to help you make sure you’re prepared for your​ ​baby’s​ ​arrival.

1. Know the baby basics
It’s important to know what to expect before & after giving birth. Childbirth classes can help you here as there’s a lot more to holding, feeding and changing babies than meets the eye. Learning these basics before the baby arrives will also help new mothers ease into motherhood, and avoid unnecessary stress.  Find baby books on OLX >>



Top 5 games ever created

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BLOGsize_450x450(1)This is it… A list that very few of you thought we’d ever dare to do. Regardless of the genre, platform and age; these are our picks for the top 5 games ever created.

1.Grand Theft Auto III 
Since its release, Grand Theft Auto III (GTAIII) has acclaimed world wide fame. Its large city map allows players to enjoy the game without partaking in its more shady features. But where’s the fun in that? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should already know that GTA is all about thieving cars, murdering people, sleeping with hookers, and many other things that make the high age restriction seem appropriate. While it’s not unheard of to get preoccupied by GTA’s over-the-top sleaziness, the fact remains that the actual gameplay is extremely fun & entertaining.


Are you interview ready?

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post16___moveUpInterviewing for a new job can be extremely stressful. Aside from being notoriously drawn out, it’s often one of the most intimidating ways of making a first impression. Nevertheless, it’s still an opportunity for you to get your foot in the door of a company that is looking to employ.

So, in the spirit of helping others #MoveUp, we have decided to put together a simple interview preparation guide to ensure you’re able to put your best foot forward when going in for your next job interview.

1.Do your Research
It’s always a good idea to research the company and position you’re applying for.


5 Gifts your dad will actually use

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POST15Father’s Day is just around the corner (19th of June to be exact), but shopping for the man who refuses to share his wish lists can be a tricky affair. Especially when the kitchen cupboard is already fully stocked with mugs labeled #1 dad, and his sock drawer struggles to close because it’s on the verge of overflowing.

So in the spirit of Father’s Day 2016, we have compiled a suitable list of gifts that your dad will actually get some use out of…

1.Power bank 
A power bank is probably one of the smartest gifts you could get for a father’s day gift. It’s practical, convenient and particularly useful for dads who are often on the move.


#MoveUp! The power is in your hands

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post14_BLOG_tvcBuying and selling on OLX has never been just about buying and selling. The OLX platform is about taking your life into your own hands and making a decision. The decision to #MoveUp.

We’re proud to launch our new OLX TV ad

The ad follows the stories of what OLX can mean to different people, all determined to move up. Its simplicity and honesty talks to the stories that we at OLX see happen every day and the huge power that we have when we work together. The stories of the young guitarist, the boundary-pushing cyclist and the determined DJ show that OLX offers opportunities to take you where you want to be.

It’s time to #MoveUp with OLX. We hope you enjoy our new ad! Click here to view it


4 Simple steps to having a trendy winter wardrobe

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BLOGsize_450x450Ever find yourself thinking “I’ve got nothing to wear” but your wardrobe is overflowing? Well then, you’re in luck.

With winter coming around we’ve compiled a list of items that should be in your wardrobe, as well as tips on how to get the best out of your closet. Follow these easy 4 steps and you’ll be putting together the best winter styles in no time.

Step 1: Start by making space. 
Let go of things that you don’t wear, or aren’t your favourite choices. Remember you don’t need more to do more, rather know exactly what you have and how you can style it in more ways than one.

Step 2: Build the skeleton of your wardrobe with the essentials.
Adding and selling items, as they come in and out of trend, will keep your wardrobe up to date.


Our top tips on how to spot a scam

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post13_BLOG_tipsAt OLX, we are constantly working to improve safety and security. While scams rarely happen, it’s important to be aware of certain red flags associated with online classified scams, so that you’re able to keep yourself protected.

Here are some of the most common danger signs associated with online classified scams:

The seller uses stock photos (or unrelated photos)
Seeing a genuine picture of the item being sold is important because it suggests that the person is in actual possession of the item.




5 Reasons why you shouldn’t throw your old electronics in the trash

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post12_BLOG_knowIf you just got a new TV, laptop, gaming console or smartphone to keep you entertained for the winter, you might be wondering what to do with your previous model.

It may be tempting to just dump it in the garbage, but that’s the absolute last thing you should do. Here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t throw away your old electronics:

1. E-waste is hazardous
The average South African throws away 12kgs of e-waste every year. Only 15% of this e-waste gets recycled, while the remaining 85% gets incinerated or dumped in a landfill. This is very harmful for the environment, and dangerous to human health.