All you need to know about #TheNewOLX – FAQs

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New, OLX, FAQs, south africa, classifieds, questions, answer, help, instructions, tips, upgrade, featuresWe couldn’t be more excited that the new OLX is now available for everyone to enjoy. We understand that it’s a lot to take in. After all, it’s the biggest update we’ve made since we launched in 2012!

Not only is the look and feel totally different, but also the way that OLX works. It’s now even safer, easier, faster and more fun to buy and sell. To help you wrap your head around everything, here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also get in touch with us on or via Facebook and Twitter. We have a customer service team ready and eager to help you get the hang of all the new features. We’re certain that you’ll love the new OLX as much as we do.


The new way to search for deals

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OLX, south africa, search, scroll, drop, pin, map, location, city, town, deals, buy, sell, classifieds, tips, instructionsWe’re excited to introduce to you #TheNewOLX! We’ve heard you and made it even easier and safer to buy and sell near you, starting with search.

The biggest change to search is that it’s specific to your preferred location and there are now multiple ways to find what you’re looking for. Because millions of ads are posted nationwide, starting first with your specific location makes the results more relevant to you.

You can now search for the best deals nearest to you in a few different ways. The way we see it, some people like their chips with tomato sauce on the side and others like it drizzled over everything. Some people bite their Cadbury slab of chocolate and others break off a piece.  So, why must we all search the same?


7 big changes on the new OLX

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upgrade, OLX, south africa, makeover, new, app, website, pwa, classifiedWe’re over the moon to give you a world-class platform that makes it easier, safer and faster to seal the deal with real people near you.

We can’t take all the credit for the upgrade though because this was all made possible by you. Without the great feedback you send us, we can’t continuously improve and make sure you get the most out of every deal on OLX.
Here’s a little run-down of all the changes.

1. Posting an ad is even easier and faster than before

We know that time is money, so we have made the selling process even slicker. All you need to do is snap some great photos for the item that you’d like to sell, give your ad a punchy title and add some flare with a short description.


5 simple hacks to handle the upcoming winter months

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winter, tips, hacks, advice, saving, budget, warmth, sun, curtain, rug, home, billAs sweater season draws near, the natural response to the cold weather is to dust off the electric blankets and turn up the heat. But this can hurt your wallet.

According to Eskom, South African household electricity bills increase by almost 40% during the winter months. And with electricity increasing by 16 to 20% every year, that’s quite a bit of money that you’re saying bye to! If you follow these simple hacks, keeping snug this winter doesn’t have to leave you strapped for cash.

Let the sun shine in

Make the most of Mother Nature’s heater by keeping your curtains open during the day whenever the sun is out to play. When it gets dark out, just make sure to close them when it gets dark out. The thicker your curtains, the more efficient they’ll be at acting as an insulator to keep you toasty throughout the night.


4 DIY gift ideas that speak to your mom’s heart

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mother's day, mom, mum, mommy, mummy, gift, ideas, south africa, DIY, tips, OLX, vintage, photos, jewellery, pendant, bookYour mom gave you pretty much everything, and while you may not be able to repay her gift in kind, you can make her special day even more so by skipping the corny Hallmark cards. Rather, you should opt for something a bit more symbolic of your relationship.

If you’re still drawing a blank, we’ve got you covered. Here are four inexpensive and fresh gift ideas for your mama bear.

Say I love you with memories

Digital photo frames make great gifts and are on the top of our “clever and memorable” list. If you have an eventful day planned for your mom, take a few snaps during the day (make sure mom looks her best!). You can add to the plethora of photos that you’ve probably accumulated over time. Put all the photos on a media card and stick it into a slick digital frame, wrap it up and watch your mom’s face light up when you give it to her.


OLX raises the bar in Customer Service

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hotline, OLX, customer service, number, safety, security, contact, moderators, features, tools, news, press, south africa, scam, fraud, protectionIn an effort to set new standards in Customer Service, the world’s leading online classifieds platform, OLX, has implemented a number of additional security features and changes to their moderation processes.

The changes are live and make the OLX app, mobile site, and website one of the safest online experiences for purchasing and selling goods in South Africa.

In an unprecedented first, OLX has launched a new dedicated fraud hotline. Users are able to call 021 406 3900 between 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday to report potential fraudulent adverts, or if they have been the victim of a scam. There is now a dedicated customer service team, trained specifically to deal with fraudulent activity and remove it at lightning speed.


3 convenient tips on how to get into the green scene

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OLX, south africa, tips, how-to, green, paper-free, business, productivity, fashion, 2nd-hand, vintage, thrift, electronics, recyclingWe all know that going green is the best thing for our planet, but it can be a bit of a schlep for some. After all, everyone likes getting a pat on the back, right?

Here are 3 convenient ways you can go green and declutter your life in the process. (And, yes, we put ‘green’ and ‘convenient’ in the same sentence.)


Staying in style on a budget
You know what people tend to overlook when it comes to second-shopping? There are great one-of-a-kind, timeless finds at great prices! In this age of fast fashion, where department stores churn out new trends every other day, there are tonnes and tonnes of clothes discarded in landfills around the world. Hong Kong alone throws away 23 tonnes of clothes every day!


5 tips for when it’s time to hit the road

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road, trip, tips, travel, adventure, south africa, festival, olx, sell, post, ad, buy, camping, airbnbWho can say no to a long weekend road trip making memories while enjoying our unrivalled, scenic drives? 

If you can then you have more will power than us. Travelling by road is the best way to see what our country has to offer. Whether it be breath-taking beaches, beautiful countryside or buzzing city life, you won’t be disappointed! It’s all the more reason to take your time while driving to your destination.
We’ve put together a few tips for a memorable adventure without the hassle:

1. Make sure your car is road-trip ready

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself stuck waiting for roadside assistance on your way to your AirBnB booking in a small town with very little reception. So, before you start off, make sure your car is ready to hit the road. Read Trade in & trade up to find out how.

2. Choose your travel companions carefully
You will have to spend a lot of time with them, so make sure everyone gets along with each other. If you’re travelling a long distance, this will be a great bonding experience.


What is happiness?

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OLX, LG, K10, launch, smartphone, happiness, #OLXGoodvibes, Giveaway, competition, prize, grandGoing on an epic road trip? Finding the perfect pair of shoes? How about perfectly capturing special moments with friends and family on the recently launched LG K10 2017? 

It’s a cutting-edge device with upgrades to last year’s model, and best of all, it is the grand prize in our #OLXGoodVibes Giveaway, so happiness is in reach!

One of the brightest features of the K10 2017 is the new wide angle selfie camera. With all-new, built-in intuitive photo capturing commands, you will never have to battle to reach the shutter button when taking a selfie again. Instead, the front facing camera will automatically take a photo one second after detecting its user’s face, making capturing the perfect selfie easier than ever before. And if that wasn’t enough, its 120° wide angle lens lets you capture so much more in every shot and share it with just a tap – no more cropped out friends!