What is happiness?

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OLX, LG, K10, launch, smartphone, happiness, #OLXGoodvibes, Giveaway, competition, prize, grandGoing on an epic road trip? Finding the perfect pair of shoes? How about perfectly capturing special moments with friends and family on the recently launched LG K10 2017? 

It’s a cutting-edge device with upgrades to last year’s model, and best of all, it is the grand prize in our #OLXGoodVibes Giveaway, so happiness is in reach!

One of the brightest features of the K10 2017 is the new wide angle selfie camera. With all-new, built-in intuitive photo capturing commands, you will never have to battle to reach the shutter button when taking a selfie again. Instead, the front facing camera will automatically take a photo one second after detecting its user’s face, making capturing the perfect selfie easier than ever before. And if that wasn’t enough, its 120° wide angle lens lets you capture so much more in every shot and share it with just a tap – no more cropped out friends!

The K10 2017’s combination of 16GB of storage, 2GB of memory, 13MP rear and 5MP wide angle front cameras, 5.3″ HD display and 2,800mAh battery, makes it the small package dynamite comes in. With its enhanced performance, the K10 2017 was designed to not only impress in the technical department but also comes with plenty of handy features that you won’t be able to do without, once you start using them.

OLX, LG, K10, launch, smartphone, happiness, #OLXGoodvibes, Giveaway, competition, prize, grand

The K10 2017 will redefine your opinion of the affordable smartphone. How, you might ask? Just choose a feature, any feature, and you’re sure to be impressed. How about its 5.3” HD display for super clarity and bright viewing. From photos and videos to apps and browsers, its screen is big enough to beautifully display any task with ease, yet is perfectly sized to fit in any pocket, packaged in a smooth, curved and stylish elemental design. In fact, the only feature you won’t notice is its removable, 2 800mAh battery, but that’s only because it’s rarely going to need charging.

If there’s one thing you should take away from the launch of the K10 2017, it’s that affordability does not have to mean compromising on functionality, performance or design, in the smartphone of today.

Enter the competition now
to stand a chance to get your hands on this awesome device by LG.

OLX, LG, K10, launch, smartphone, happiness, #OLXGoodvibes, Giveaway, competition, prize, grand

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About our Grand Prize

The recently launched K10 2017 packs quite a punch in a small package. Never again will you worry about cropped out friends in selfies with these features:

  • 120º wide angle selfie 5MP camera
  • all-new, built-in intuitive photo capturing commands
  • 13MP rear camera
  • Automatic photo capture one second after detecting its user’s face

And much more!

LG, K10, 2017, giveaway, OLX, smartphone, competition, win, prize, enter, good, vibes, OLX, #OLXGoodVibes


4 ways to make the most of your summer weekends

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OLX, summer, weekend, tips, fun, explore, adventure, memories, Friday, plan, Saturday, Sunday, South AfricaDo you start counting down the days until the weekend as soon as you snooze your Monday morning alarm for the second time?

Well, not anymore! Here are four ways you can take full of advantage of your weekend without breaking the bank.

But when the weekend finally arrives, we sometimes overlook what our beautiful country has on offer. Well, not anymore! Here are four ways you can take full of advantage of your weekend without breaking the bank.


Take advantage of your surroundings 
If you live in a city, treat yourself to a lavish afternoon at a rooftop pool. Enjoying poolside snacks and drinks with friends under our summer sun is why tourists pay a pretty penny to flock to SA every year.

Rooftop pools don’t have to be your thing if being closer to nature is up your alley, there are our beautiful beaches, or you can explore the amazing fresh-water rock pools in places like Ploughman’s Kop in KwaZulu-Natal or Tierkloof Pool in North West. If you’re not the adventurous type and prefer to stay put in your hometown, there always public pools that only ask for a small entrance fee to enjoy a fun day with the family.


Supporter or Cyclist? 4 great tips for #CycleTour2017

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cyclist, race, tips, Cape Town, cycle, tour, South Africa, OLX, supporters, Bike Life, interview, DevlinThe Cape Town Cycle Tour is right around the corner. If 12 March will mark your first ever race or you’re planning on cheering on friends and family, we asked Devlin Fogg from Bike Life to share his insights for you.

We’re getting closer to the race with every passing day, and anxiety is building up. What should a noobie to the tour keep in mind at this stage? 

Be organised. You can waste a lot of time and effort both the day before and on race day if you are not organised. Make sure you have your riding kit readily available, and you know what you are going to wear on the day in light of the weather that is likely to occur.


4 steps to taking better photos

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OLX, South Africa, smartphone, camera, phone, photos, tips, sell, ads, faster, useful, app

Did you know that ads with great photos sell 5 times faster? Luckily, you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photos anymore. These days phone cameras are so good that stunning pictures are literally at your fingertips. Plus, we’ve got 4 simple steps to help make taking amazing photos child’s play.

Your photos are a vital part of your ad; they should clearly show the item you’re selling. People are much more likely to click on your advert if you have photos, so the more clear your photos are, the better your chance of selling.


5 tips to save water… And money!

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water, restrictions, garden, waterless, carwash, OLX, South Africa, drought, money, tips, saving,Water restrictions have been on everyone’s minds lately, especially with the worrying footage of our drying dams and the less than normal rainfall.

And on top of that, there are the hefty fines you’d have to pay if you were caught not meeting the new rules on water use. Well, one of the values we firmly stand by is that everyone should be empowered, so we’d like to empower you with these water-saving tips.

Cut your bill down by up to half with grey water
Not familiar with grey water? It’s water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs and washing machine that may have a little food or hair in it from gentle use.


7 tips to nail this year’s back to school season

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OLX, school, budget, saving, tips, south africaStationery and books don’t come cheap, and don’t get us started on the fees! But there are few better ways to move up in life than through education. Why not try these tips to make preparing for the new school year a breeze?

You might be stumped on how you can afford the latest Ben10 bag or Trolls space case. OLX is teeming with great deals on barely used items that may fit the bill.

Books tend to be cheaper online than in hard copy. See if you can find some that you can download onto a Kindle or tablet. It’s easy as that!


DIY ideas to survive January’s tight budget

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blog_insert_450x450___diyThere’s no denying that money can be pretty tight in January, especially after all the braais, parties and gifts during the festive season. All the more reason to get creative with making your money stretch!

Keeping up with the Joneses or Gumedes can be a lot easier on the pocket if you pick up a few DIY projects like a rope basket to amp up your home decor, rain barrel to ease the water bill or shoe hangers to make space for your next shopping spree.

First things first
If you’re a DIY noobie, you’ll need to stock up on some basic tools to get going – like pliers, drills, glue guns and so on. For those, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the tools available at OLX that won’t break the bank.


Happy New You!

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blog_insert_450x450It’s 2017 and time to hit the floor running. You don’t want to repeat the mistakes of 2016 so soon, right?

New year resolutions are hard to keep, but with some simple tips, you could sail right through them.

Take it easy on yourself
When it comes to keeping resolutions, no matter what they are, there’s nothing to it but to do it. Start small and set mini resolutions along the way.