3 tech trends we’re excited about

tech, amazon, LG, samsung, Jabra, smartphone, earphones, bixby, siri, alexa, apple, electronics There are some exciting things happening in tech now, aside from Bitcoin’s value highs and lows,  innovative ways to use blockchains and AI advancing in leaps and bounds. We wanted to share with you exciting trends in electronics for the home, gym and everywhere else.

Wireless earphones with perks

Headphones are no longer just a way for you to listen to your music without disturbing your colleagues around you. Now wireless headphones can go a step further and help you with your workouts. Have you heard of Jabra Elite Sport 2017? They can count reps while you listen to your favourite beats. Because they’re waterproof, they are great for any weather. Jabra has gone a step further and offer a 3-year warranty.

Siri’s new friends Bixby, Alexa

Who can remember a time before Siri? After all, she can answer questions ranging from what’s on your agenda for the day to how to find the meaning of life. Now there are more virtual assistants on the market. Samsung first introduced Bixby on the Galaxy S8 with a dedicated button on the handset. This virtual assistant doesn’t only help you search for the right song, to soothe your baba’s crying, it can even help you find out where to buy a pair of shoes you saw a stranger rocking.

Alexa is Amazon’s offering in the virtual assistant game. She she can easily integrate with other known tech like Garmin, Uber, Fitbit, your smart TV and more.

More screen for your phone

Tim Cook wowed audience with the introduction of iPhone X’s larger display. However, this has been an ongoing trend in the past year. Take the LG G6 for instance that has a unique 18:9 ratio and they take full advantage of the extra space to allow for multi windows, image previews as you take photos and other nifty tricks.

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