DIY ideas to survive any tight budget

blog_insert_450x450___diyThere’s no denying that money can be pretty tight from time to time, especially after all the braais and life’s surprises. All the more reason to get creative with making your money stretch!

Keeping up with the Joneses or Gumedes can be a lot easier on the pocket if you pick up a few DIY projects like a rope basket to amp up your home decor, rain barrel to ease the water bill or shoe hangers to make space for your next shopping spree.

First things first
If you’re a DIY noobie, you’ll need to stock up on some basic tools to get going – like pliers, drills, glue guns and so on. For those, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the tools available at OLX that won’t break the bank.



barrel3Save your money and keep your garden green with a Rain Barrel
Water restrictions are no joke, especially in parts of this country where we’re experiencing drought. This nifty DIY idea will help you store rain water you can use to keep your garden lush while bringing your water bill down.

Parts you’ll need:
1 large rubbish bin
1 roll of window screen
1 Nozzle set
1 set of 3 conduit locknuts
2 1/2 inch boiler drains
4 flat metal washers
4 rubber washers
1 hose (optional)

Utility knife
Staple gun

How to do it:
1. Create a hole about 8 cm from the bottom of the bin.
2. Use the metal and rubber washers to secure a faucet in the hole.
3. Secure another faucet about 8 cm from the top of the bin that can act as an overflow valve.
4. Staple the window screen over the top of the bin and trim off the excess. It will keep debris out of your rain barrel and make sure mosquitoes don’t lay eggs in your water.
5. Cut an opening in the lid and place the lid on your bin. This will be where the water will enter from your gutters’ down spout.
6. Position your newly created rain barrel on a level ground as close to a gutter down spout as possible.
7. Cut the down spout to the desired height and reattach the curvy end of the spout and aim it at the opening you’ve made.
8. If you want to, you can then attach the hose to the bottom faucet, and there you go!

Read the detailed instructions here: Roughneck Rain Barrel (source – DonnieDillon,



box2Freshen up your décor and make storage space with a Rope Basket
You probably have some cardboard boxes lying around from all the gifts you ordered online. Give them a new lease on life by turning them into boxes that could complement any room.

Parts you’ll need:
Any cardboard box
Rope or yarn
Material of your choosing to fit the dimensions of the inside of your box

Hot glue gun
Many glue sticks

How to do it:
1. Make sure the bottom of the box is still intact.
2. Cut off the top flaps.
3. Starting from the bottom, wrap the rope or yarn around the box, glueing as you go.
4. Sew material to make a lining for the inside of the box.

Read more detailed instructions here: Boxes into Baskets (source –



hanger3No way to flop this coat hanger trick to declutter
Who wears snug boots in the heat of summer? January is the time to set those toes free! If you’re anything like us, you probably have a respectable collection of flops.

And if you’re even more like us, they are everywhere! Well, those old flimsy wire hangers that you don’t use anymore could be an easy solve to keep your flops stored in a way that makes more space for your next shopping spree.

Parts you’ll need:
Old flimsy wire coat hangers
Ribbon (optional)
Spray paint (optional)


How to do it:
1. Cut off the bottom section of the hanger. It will probably be easier if you score the metal with the pliers and then snap it with your hands.
2. Using your pliers, roll up the 2 edges. This will make sure the sharp edges are safely tucked away. It also doesn’t look half bad.
3. You’re actually done now, but if you want to make them look pretty, you can spray on a fresh coat of paint.
4. You can go an extra step further and make a hanger jacket with Ribbon.

Read more detailed instructions here: How’s it Hangin’? A Flop Tutorial (source –

We hope these DIY ideas have inspired you. We’d love to see how they work for you, so please share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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