Profiles for everyone on the new OLX

profiles, OLX, South Africa, how to, tutorial, new, upgrade, appWe know it’s a bit of a mission trying to seal a deal safely when you don’t know who you’re talking to, and because a few scam-related queries we received were related to fake buyers, we’ve made a big change.

Your safety is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we’ve made it easier and safer for you to buy and sell near you. On the new OLX, not only sellers have to log in and create profiles, buyers have to as well, and all profiles can be verified via Facebook, Google or contact number. So, you’ll know who you’re dealing with, and you might even have friends in common who could vouch for him or her!

On the New OLX, you can also see what a user has a bought and sold. As a buyer, this will ease your mind and let you know that you are buying from a trusted person, and as a seller, you can show potential buyers that your stuff is in high demand!

How to add the personal touch

You can freshen it up whenever you like. Here’s how to create and edit your profile.


So you can create or edit your profile in 4 easy steps:

1.Tap or click on the edit button on your profile.

2.Tap or click on change picture.

3.Type in your name.

4.Type in your bio, keep it short and sweet!


That’s all for now!
As always, if you have any questions or feedback on this or any other changes, drop us a line at or find us on Facebook and Twitter. And if you have any more questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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