Springtime is here!

While the dreaded winter month is finishing up, we all welcome the month of spring with open arms.

Springtime refers to rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth. It allows us to put away our electric blankets, thick coats and rain jackets and take out our camping gear. It’s the first time in a while that we will be able to explore and get out in nature without having to wear multiple layers!

We have put together a checklist of all the key items one would need in order to have a well organised camping trip away.

The most important three items that you absolutely need when camping are: a tent, a sleeping bag and we’d recommend a camping chair.

Your tent will be your bedroom away from home, so make sure you have a big enough tent to ensure comfort. There are a variety of tents out there so be sure to choose the right one. Some of these include:

1.     The traditional A-frame tent – these are spacious due to the steep sloping sides, it has added tarp to keep you protected from the weather and are simple to put up and take down.
2.     Tunnel tent – This tent provides stability from oncoming winds if pitched correctly and the shape of this tent allows for more interior space and head space in the night.
3.     Hoop tent – The benefit of the hoop shape is that water can simply slide down off it and it is the lightest and most compact tent out of the three.

The second item that you need to get is a sleeping bag. This is vital in order to get a good night’s sleep. There are a range of sleeping bags designed for different occasions. For example, a very lightly insulated sleeping bag should be used for spring/summer camping and well-insulated sleeping bags are needed for colder weather.

The last key item you would need to get is a camping chair. No one wants to sit around the fire on the cold ground so make sure you sort your camping chairs out well in advance!

Here are some other recommended items to get you ready for your spring camping trip away:
·       Mattress/pump
·       Torch
·       Pillows
·       Multi-tool
·       Mallet/hammer for tent poles
·       Headlight/batteries
·       Extra blanket
·       Folding table
·       Skottel

Spring time is near, so why not start preparing your camping trip now?

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