6 ways to stay sharp while selling on OLX

stay, sharp, safety, fraud, scam, scammer, fraudster, security, tips, trends, OLXYour safety is just as important to us as it is to you. So here are a few tips that can help you stay safe when you’re selling on our platform. We’re all about win-win deals after all.

1. Stay chatting

You don’t want a total stranger to have your personal details, right? So try to keep all interactions with a buyer in OLX chat. Because it’s our top safety tip, we’ve made that easier for you. Now you can see when they were last online or whether they’ve read your message. You can also share images and Google Maps directions. If he or she is a frequent buyer, then all chats with him or her would be in one thread with headers for the item in question, making it quick to reference.

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2. Meet the buyer in person

The transaction will be a lot smoother if the potential buyer sees the item in person before they pay for it. To put them at ease, see if you have friends in common that could vouch for you. Always make sure that the meeting place is somewhere public, like a shopping mall or the parking lot of a police station.

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3. Safety in numbers

Once you’ve found someone keen to buy your item, make sure to meet publicly during the day and always bring a friend or two with you (bonus points if you can bring someone who also knows the buyer by checking friends in common). Turn down any requests to meet at your house, theirs or somewhere unfamiliar.

4. Cash is King

It’s easier to avoid any funny business if the buyer has cash for the entire amount you’ve sold your item for. Don’t accept partial payments like a deposit. They might run off with the item without paying the full price, so only hand over the item until you have cash in hand.

5. Don’t miss a beat

Sometimes walking around with thousands of rands in cash isn’t ideal. EFT or eWallet payments can make good alternatives, as long as you check that all the money is visible in your account before handing over the item. Otherwise, you might risk getting fake payments. You can always double check with your bank if you’re not sure. Also, don’t accept cheque payments as they take two weeks to clear and can be cancelled in the meantime.

There are a few cases when a fake buyer will pretend to have overpaid you. For example, say your item is going for R1,500. They apparently have sent you R2500 by mistake and ask you to refund the difference when in reality they haven’t paid you at all. Check your accounts before refunding any amount.

6. Keep a paper trail

To make sure everything is sorted, we recommend having a basic receipt for the item that has the following details:

  • Date of sale
  • Item description
  • Price of item
  • Money received
  • A line to state that the buyer agrees to buy the item as it is, no returns.
  • Both seller and buyer’s signatures.

We take your safety very seriously and as always, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a line at support@olx.co.za or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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