5 tips for when it’s time to hit the road

road, trip, tips, travel, adventure, south africa, festival, olx, sell, post, ad, buy, camping, airbnbWho can say no to a long weekend road trip making memories while enjoying our unrivalled, scenic drives? 

If you can then you have more will power than us. Travelling by road is the best way to see what our country has to offer. Whether it be breath-taking beaches, beautiful countryside or buzzing city life, you won’t be disappointed! It’s all the more reason to take your time while driving to your destination.
We’ve put together a few tips for a memorable adventure without the hassle:

1. Make sure your car is road-trip ready

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself stuck waiting for roadside assistance on your way to your AirBnB booking in a small town with very little reception. So, before you start off, make sure your car is ready to hit the road. Read Trade in & trade up to find out how.

2. Choose your travel companions carefully
You will have to spend a lot of time with them, so make sure everyone gets along with each other. If you’re travelling a long distance, this will be a great bonding experience.

3. Plan ahead
You’ve already heard a thousand times how important it is to plan ahead. Admin can be annoying, but it can make all the difference. Plan roughly which towns to visit, restaurants to stop for a meal or snack, and locations to take photos. Winging it is also fun but within moderation.

4. Pack smart
Everything you pack should have a purpose. Remember that more baggage means less space in the back, which is something to consider for backseat passengers depending on the size of your car.

5. Don’t forget the music
Music is a must on a road trip so don’t forget to create a playlist of your latest favourite tracks. An aux cable is a plus so you and your passengers could take turns being the DJ along the way.

If you’re planning a road trip and need to get the basic essential such as a tent, suitcases, cooler box or an MP3 player, don’t forget that OLX has everything you will need!
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